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Environmentally Responsible!

Green Cleaning will protect health without harming the environment.

It promotes healthy surroundings for both occupants and customers in your facility.

Green Cleaning plays a key role in today’s world by attracting and retaining new tenants, minimizing sick days, improving productivity and allowing for you to pursue LEED certification for your building.

Our green cleaning programs are effective, innovative and provide environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that deliver optimal quality and productivity to our customers. Environmentally responsible cleaning represents a new innovative method of cleaning by using certified products, materials, equipment and new processes.

We offer programs that will allow you to start with basic green cleaning options such as introducing “Green Seal Certified” and “Environmental Choice” products that will eliminate chemically reactive materials and toxins causing respiratory and dermatological problems. In addition, United offers a broader approach that would also include matting programs and touchless paper and soap dispensers to your facility.

Our programs are customized and flexible to meet your facility needs, regardless of the program you choose it will have a positive impact on the environment and at the same time promote healthy surroundings in your building.

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